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    Financial Aid Provided By Our Outreach Center:

    Receive cash to pay your bill in 24 Hours

    Assistance with Paying Funeral Expenses

    No cost, or low cost for Grief Counseling

    Assistance with medical and Surgical Expenses

    Free insurance claim document preparation

    Assistance with property damage claim

    Assistance with paying rental car claims

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    Personal Care Provided By Our Outreach Center

    Assistance with reviewing insurance coverage

    Assistance coordinating the delivery of meals to your home

    Assistance coordinating the care for family pets

    Coordination of transportation to and from the hospital and doctors

    Assistance coordinating day care services.

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    It does not require a crime to be a victim – although sometimes crimes such as driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are involved. Regardless of whether it was a crime or careless accident that caused injures to you or one of your loved ones or even death, if you are victim, you should not have this walk the path alone.


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